20GODNA, on the small screen

Is there anything stranger than when pure chemistry between staff, clients and partners of an advertising agency translates into a series? No! The 20GODNA series about our agency’s 20th anniversary proves it, but you won’t find it on Netflix.

Documentary, comedy, thriller, horror… told through an exciting circus of genres, the 13 episodes about the origin and development of DNA Communications are based on true events. 

From the beginnings of our fight against boring advertising, to the festive birthday party for our full 20 years, the series shows key stages in the development of DNA. We wanted to film the story of our rise and transformations, our past and present colleagues, our partners and clients who have marked out our two exciting decades in the advertising industry and the opportunities ahead of us. 

During 2021 and 2022, we ran a campaign about the series on social networks and the YT channel. Some watched the episodes one at a time, some binged on it. Some received seductive teasers, while others opened the shared and liked posts. When we added everything up, we had a total of close to 500,000 views of all the video material and 314 viewing hours of all the YouTube episodes. With 131 posts we achieved a reach of more than 3.5 million! People’s reactions confirmed that we not only offered a hit to watch with popcorn, but also demonstrated our capacity to run a successful digital campaign and reach the right addresses. 

Through all its communication formats, the series attracted the attention of clients, target groups, our followers and the wider network community, and demonstrated the agency’s ability to offer a platform for the production of exciting stories, communication strategies and breakthrough campaigns.

You can watch the whole series here




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