Our formula for the alchemy of advertising success

Eurodom has a long and successful business tradition. They are a market leader for almost 28 years, in the ceramics and bathroom equipment industry. Nevertheless, they decided to make a professional step forward by opening a new luxury equipment salon in a prestigious location, within Belgrade Waterfront.

Our challenge was to help the client move to a higher level of business after many years in the field, as safely as possible. We developed a creative platform that presents the new salon as a place where the “Alchemy of Living” is made, a harmonious symbiosis of objects and beings. We also implemented a new showroom concept in which visitors experience the space as an extension of themselves and their identity.

We named the new store “Eurodom Tile&Style”, thus symbolizing a play area where visitors can engage in the process of creating an ideal environment for themselves. With the help of PR strategy and ATL campaign, we informed the general public that Eurodom is rising to new business heights. We refreshed the existing website and created a Pinterest account to continue the flow of communication through social networks as well.

What was then left to do was to celebrate and wrap everything up with an opening ceremony. For this occasion, we created a video “About us” that introduced the hosts and the new business concept to the guests, as well as a special video performance “Dolce Drama” with which director Maja Uzelac rounded off the artistic nature of the new salon. The opening ceremony reached its peak when the protagonists of the performance appeared among the guests after the screening, and in this way evoked the Living Concept that the new salon brings.

With our support, Eurodom has successfully stepped into a new sphere of business, offering its clients unique solutions and quality for their intimate space, in a new salon that shines brightly over the river.






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