As a long-term communication partner of USAID Serbia, we were given an innovative task. We were supposed to introduce a new business model – supercluster – to Serbia.

This globally proven model implies the cooperation of various participants of the innovation ecosystem for the sake of accelerating growth and development of industries with greatest capacity for development through innovation. Serbia was recognized as a market with several promising industries and numerous talented experts, who have the opportunity to lift their business to the level of global competitiveness by embracing new know-how, sustainable forms of financing and better cooperation models. Provided that they become familiar with the advantages of this complex model and take part in it, to achieve its optimal implementation.

That’s why we asked ourselves, how do you advertise something that doesn’t exist and that isn’t so easy to explain? Through brand-building, through establishing an understandable dialogue and through creating the appropriate educational materials for all target groups.

We worked simultaneously on several levels. We presented the essence of the project in a simple and understandable way through mass media, with specific emphasis on the opportunities for improving the national economy, sublimated in the name Serbia Innovates. For the project participants, we created an educational presentation and video materials, and organized events to explain the supercluster as a model in greater details. We engaged the expert media and journalists focused on economy, business and IT topics through a series of dedicated activities where they could meet and talk to the project members. Through a mix of PR formats – press releases, TV appearances, articles and interviews with project representatives – we were consistently building a narrative about the importance of innovation and cooperation for creating sustainable economy of the future.

Result: We have built a network of media partners from all segments, who have followed us from the beginning and helped us spread the story, thus successfully introducing a new concept to the local public. We helped the creation of 4 pilot superclusters and tested their viability Finally, Serbia got its own first supercluster that will be developed within the blockchain and Web 3 industry, which is recognized as most promising for further development. And finally, we were once again convinced that when you have a good communication strategy, even something that technically does not exist can very quickly reach the stardom status.


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