The Capital of Good Taste

In addition to all the phrases used to describe Belgrade, our favorite is The Capital of Good Taste.

Belgrade has been carrying this refined title since 2018 when the first international food fair and conference – Belgrade Food Show – was held. It was then successfully launched, and in 2019, it has been even more successfully repeated. And it will continue to bring together producers with foreign and domestic customers in one place, where it will give them the opportunity to meet, learn, exchange experiences and found new cooperations.

The three key segments during the first two fairs were: the fair segment, the conference and the B2B segment. They had one thing in common: our team. We did everything: from the first to the last sentence of every brochure and every social media post, through branding, visual identity and event management. We carried walkie-talkies and kept smiling at visitors and at each other.

The conclusion is this: we clearly showed that we have taste for festivals that would be well received on any international menu!


Association for Promotion of Serbian Food




Event Management, Branding