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Sales are the engine of every company, now more than ever. Growth or survival of a company relies on its results. Anyone entering the market with a certain product or service is facing the same, unfavorable situation:

  • The market is saturated and in a constant mode of action / sale
  • The level of customer loyalty is very low
  • Annual planning is becoming a framework, rather than a solid plan
  • Investments in a brand are becoming increasingly difficult to convert into sales results

What is the solution? Change of approach.

Instead of one message targeting everyone through expensive ATL channels   while still missing the majority of the audience, we are attacking only those who are actual customers – doing it the right way, with customized messages through most adequate channels.

Instead of brand-centered marketing campaigns, we are talking directly to the consumer, addressing the product benefits based on his or her needs.

In short, we advertise the SMART way.

How does SMART approach work?

Our job is to know customers. Together with a team of consultants dealing with customer psychology, we have researched their habits and created unique Consumer personas.
By analyzing competition, using the results and key insights gained from the close collaboration between the client’s Sales Team and our internal Sales Consultant, we create a SuperBrief  of the product, with its features and benefits for customers in focus.
After that, we create communication that reaches the customer market segments of our client the right way. We Target each Consumer Persona through a special campaign, with a message that is adequate for that segment, through channels that meet them at the right place and time!

The Result:

By optimizing the focus and targeting, we maximize the efficiency of the campaign, as we do not waste resources on market segments for which the product / service is not intended or on channels that simply don’t cut it. This way, we provide better, optimal sales results, and consequently, a better opportunity for long-term customer loyalty to the brand.

Above all, we listen to what both the market and customers are telling us, we speak their language and we adapt to their needs. We simply understand each other.

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