We all remember well what was 2020 like. But we should not forget the fact that hard times create heroes.

No, we are not saying we are heroes, but we are very proud of our initiative to support our fellow citizens and the real heroes – doctors – in extremely unfavorable conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We worked together with the ICT Hub and the company Talkini on the development of the first platform for telemedicine in Serbia, and on April 27, 2020, DokTok was launched. DokTok enables reliable, free and fast consultations with a doctor, via computer or mobile phone, from the comfort of your home.

By offering a wide range of health services, the goal of the platform was to reduce the pressure on health centers, ambulance hotlines and doctors who fought a continuous battle on the front line with the coronavirus. At the same time, we wanted to open a new pathway for concerned citizens to get answers to their numerous health questions; answers that would otherwise require a lengthy stay in various waiting rooms or would simply never arrive.

DokTok was created in extraordinary circumstances, as an important tool in solving an unexpected problem of unprecedented proportions, which could not be realized without the quick reaction, teamwork and dedication of a group of people with great enthusiasm – above all, volunteer doctors who selflessly shared their time and knowledge with us and our platform users.

That is why the records show a constant growth of the platform, and so far it has had more than 75,000 visits and enabled more than 1,500 medical consultations. The fact that the growth trend does not show any signs of waning proves that the usefulness of the platform exceeds the circumstances that were the direct cause for its conception, and DokTok continues to this day to provide help and answer the needs of citizens.

In the end, although we did not venture into the uncharted territory of telemedicine because of awards, we were very pleased with the UEPS bronze medal that the team behind DokTok received in the COVID Creativity Community category.


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